Another International Pandemic is claiming lives across the world!

This virus causes neurological impairment.

The effects are horrific, as it appears to target from teenagers right across the spectrum of society to old age. Children are mostly unaffected but there does appear to be a secondary infection which is a lot milder and usually contracted from parents or teachers.

The virus is commonly known as ‘PRESS’

The virus is commonly known as ‘PRESS’ and is spread by journalists, although important to note not all journalists are carriers. The countries most affected appear to be central Europe where it feeds off royalty, politics, and bizarre bad news. It has been said that murder, rape, and kidnapping fuel the spread of the disease so exponentially that the police force has banned any of its staff contact with the carriers under any circumstances. Only senior officials are permitted to engage with the carriers, albeit at a social distance, to limit contact with anyone connected to law enforcement. Those who step out of this constraint are immediately put into isolation and rarely survive the ramifications.

Press 6

Camera’s awaiting their next victim

The pandemic in the United States has also become out of control. The carriers can easily be identified as they tend to gather in flocks with flashing lights and microphones panting to expose a feeding frenzy of dark secrets. Both men and women alike raise their voices in shrieking intensity desperate to gobble a crumb before anyone else beats them to the feast.

Amusing Headlines

Their confused minds have produced a slew of amusing headlines:

  • “Homicide victims rarely talk to Police” – Times Express
  • “Breathing Oxygen linked to Staying Alive” – Outdoors Outpost
  • “Marijuana issue sent to joint committee”. – Toronto Star
  • “One-armed Man applauds the Kindness of Strangers” – Joy Cronley
  • “Woman missing since she got lost” – Not saying

And a few other older headlines just because they are ludicrous:

  • “Statistics show that teen pregnancy drops significantly after the age of 25” –  Anonymous
  • “Students Cook and Serve Grandparents” – Report on Grandparents Day.
  • “Prisoner serving 2000 year sentence could face more time” – WilliamsPort (AP)
  • “Diana was still alive hours before she died” – Clearly not saying
  • “Man kills himself and runs away” – The Daily Sun

Devouring these absurd postings

However, the most interesting side effect of this pandemic, are folk who willingly absorb the raving hallucinations from carriers. It is a common symptom that millions of innocent people deliberately infect their opinions and views after devouring these absurd postings. Many of the older victims still remember a time when these side effects had positive repercussions and they were protected from the disease by the minister of ‘True and Factual Affairs’ who was dictatorial in an insistence on healthy news. It is also of interest that this minister’s role in South Africa was deemed to be redundant more than a decade ago.

Social Media, was born.

The most devastating growth of this pandemic happened when it’s baby sister, Social Media, was born. Social Media was indulged from her earliest days and allowed to prance, uncontrolled through computers, mobile phones, and digital platforms. She was unperturbed about the faded echoes of the ‘True and Factual’ Minister’s demands and casually waltzed through dodgy news and downright lies more interested in her popularity than in boring truths.

social media 1405601 1280

social media

She devoured mature victims who still believed what they read in the media and created idiots out of her followers. And yet millions still religiously scrutinized her inconceivable slop. However, beneath this blanket of frivolity, hiding in obscurity, lurked a myriad of interesting and good articles. Most readers were now becoming suspicious and questioned articles from Trump to PRASA refusing to become judge or jury.

Press 4

Carriers were thrown a lifeline with covid-19

As interest in this malingering virus started to wane without any good bomb blasts or substantial fraud, the carriers were thrown a lifeline with covid-19. They rushed to fan the flames and leopard crawled to sightings of ICU wards and ventilators. Camera-men glued lenses to eyes and fingers to triggers. A disparate worldwide pandemic was just what they needed.

Frenzied carriers catapulted towards statistics of deaths and rising infections. Neatly coiffed presenters dolefully predicted the collapse of the world ‘as we know it’ and dramatic plummeting of economies throughout the world. Sadly, it appears as if a flicker of truth was buried beneath these bleak disclosures.

As anxiety and fear were ignited throughout the continent, the carriers blew on scorching flames. Politicians, professionals’ and us mere mortals were swept along on the tide of terror and disaster.

How much of the sensation has been born from accurate facts?

As the storm begins to abate, we’ve become bored with the lock-down, badly fitting masks and playing hide and seek with Pieter Stuyvesant. Some of us have started to pick through the ash and smoke residue to salvage what is left of our positive goals for 2020. Water damage still coats a lot of our passion and imagination but through the haze, we’ve begun to question the supporting cast behind the carriers of the Covid-19 horror news. How much of our daily diet of sensation and disaster has been born from accurate facts?

‘Bad news sells papers’

Have our Press and Media Aunties and Uncles, deliberately led all of us along the path of no-return or has the entire scenario been painted with the ‘bad news sells papers’ brush? Of course, in every disaster, there are snippets of truth from all camps but how do we distinguish reality from media frenzy and conspiracy theories?

It’s always a challenge to rely on common sense and objectivity when entertaining the masses.  The same masses who are dedicated to nominating Leon Shuster for an Emmy award but sanity must ultimately prevail. The Press is often the enemy and may have ignited a hurricane that could have remained an afternoon hailstorm.

The enemy may not only lie in the belly of a Chinese wet market but even more so in the clattering of the Press keyboards.

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