Hot Springs

David Lesotho 9


I had heard whispering from the local folk, of a sacred place where even in the depths of snow and ice there are hot springs that have  mystical healing  properties.  However the whereabouts of these miracle waters was never revealed.  I then heard about pilgrimages originating in Europe that come to Lesotho annually to walk to the springs.

And so the journey of discovery began…

We braved the switch-backs of the Sani Pass,  fastening bra straps and securing false teeth and headed right across the Roof of Africa just as the sun was rising.  Turning off onto a winding gravel 4×4 road we headed through remarkable scenery and finally arrived at a gorgeous little rustic stone lodge.

The legend is true, they do exit.

The horse ride/hike is definitely for the experienced and very fit folk but for those more mature ‘breath-gasping’ folk like myself there are sure footed, very gentle, Basotho   ponies available however the riders must have experience.  The scenery on the hike/ride is so beautiful it is beyond description and it includes  3 river crossings.

A diamond the size of an egg.

The actual springs appeared disappointing at first but after bathing under the small warm waterfall we all felt good.  Legend has it that before the adjoining diamond mine was built, a young woman went to the springs to ask for good luck.  Shortly thereafter, in the very same area, she found an enormous diamond the size of an egg.  She was wealthy for the rest of her days.

Healing Properties and Good Luck.

The locals firmly believe in the healing properties of the small spring that gushes under the rocks and peeps out to splash water onto the ground but most of all provides good luck to all who swim in her waters.  We have arranged a magical 2 night tour to this area.  The first night is spent at the Sani Top Lodge, the second at a lodge to cool off at the end of a very strenuous day, before heading off home down the iconic Sani Pass.

A Gem in the crown of scenery.

This is definitely for all those outdoor adventurers who will seldom find beauty of this magnitude elsewhere.  We can’t promise you diamonds but we can promise the most sparkling  gem in the crown of scenery and memorable experiences.

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